Our families lives a 12 hour drive from the beach. Yes 12 full long and winding hours.

And yet, we travel frequently to our Sea Sound Cottage because, well because it offers the kind of relaxation, comfort and joy most people do not get daily at home.

We chose this spot because we wanted to hear the sounds of the ocean, to smell the beach air and yet to be easily accessible.

We chose the cabin because its just the right size for our small family and children. There is room for everyone and yet we are all there together.

In the morning, sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee starts the day off perfect. Some days it is difficult to leave the deck, but a walk to the beach is required of course. Everyday there is something new to find and discover and explore.

The kids fill buckets and the adults fill memories. We look forward to many years of delight at the beach. And we are so happy to invite other families to come and enjoy our sea sound cottage just as much as we do.